Ukrainian Olympian’s Code of Honour

І. General Regulations

The Code of Honour is a collection of the highest ethical principles being guided by a human being in his/her own and civil conduct. The Code of Honour is composed on the base of the norms and requirements of the Constitution of Ukraine, the present legislation of Ukraine in the field of education, physical culture and sports, the Olympic Charter, the IOC Ethic Code and the World Anti-Doping Code. The Ukrainian Olympian's Code of Honour is a basic and universal document, which represents a normative basis for Ukrainian system of sports education and self-improvement. The Code's aim is to achieve success in athletes' preparation through a wide harmonization of forms, methods and principles of educational work. Its final result presupposes to get a harmoniously developed personality with firm moral convictions, rules and norms of life in the Ukrainian society, during training camps and European and world competitions. The main aim of the Code is to promote Olympic movement in Ukraine, to activate movement for intellectual wealth and moral refinement of the society in general, to strengthen a civilized way of life and to improve health of the Ukrainian nation.

Olympism represents philosophy of life which glorifies and unites the highest qualities of spirit, will and soul, mind and body as a harmonious whole as well as inspires respect for universal fundamental ethical principles and places sport at the service of harmonious development of individual.

Every citizen irrespective of his/her nationality, age, sex, profession, ideological and religious convictions has the right to practice sport in Ukraine. Sport is a bioenergetic and social power of the society which through reality of its effective influence for individual and capacity for opening his/her inborn quality determines a way and a style of the individual's life. In his/her work athlete is notable for his/her high sense of responsibility, his/her ability for time value, his/her fervour and persistence, his/her ability for quick decision and easily coming to terms with colleagues, competitors and fans and his/her active participation in civil life of his/her collective as well as society in the whole.

The norms and requirements of the Code are embodied for a whole period of the athlete's sports activity during competitions and training camps and everyday life. Responsibility for athletes' – future Olympians' education in the spirit of the norms and requirements of the Ukrainian Olympian's Code of Honour is entrusted to parents, teachers, coaches, sports managers from the executive and public bodies.

ІІ. Principles, Rules, Standards and Responsibilities of the Athletes While Sport Practicing

The best prepared athletes, who are patriots of Ukrainian people and real patterns to follow for their relatives, friends and countrymen in the matters of everyday life, behaviour and professional qualities, have the right to represent and protect sport honour of Ukraine at European Championships, World Championships and Olympic Games.

The Olympians shall:

2.1 live with great belief and understanding of uniqueness of their Motherland and nation, love and respect them, and do everything possible for their development and health. They shall remember that their native land, evolutional heritage of their Motherland enabled them to reach the top of their sport skills;

2.2 constantly enhance the glory of the State Emblem of Ukraine – as official emblem of the nation, the State Anthem of Ukraine – symbol of the national unity, and the State Flag of Ukraine – symbol of the sovereignty of the country;

2.3 constantly develop the sense of friendship, fellowship, collectivism. They shall remember that the ascension to the top of sport Olympus is joint achievement of their parents, coaches, scientists, doctors, physiotherapists, officials and support personnel aimed at the development of their sport talent, which enabled them, according to their results, to outstrip other athletes;

2.4 cultivate permanent aspiration for learning and self-improvement, to strive hard to conquer the peaks of future profession and to daily perfect moral, mental, volitional and physical abilities;

2.5 learn to work with maximum efficiency of intellectual and physical energy; train effectively during working days and rest according to reasonable training schedule, conscientiously and purposefully getting ready for the most important competitions; remember that only enthusiastic effective work helps us to perceive the truth;

2.6 aim at enrichment of our society with nobleness, honesty and kind deeds. Sport brotherhood is the union of noble, courageous, strong and adroit personalities, who bring peace, happiness and consent, humanism, fellowship and mutual respect;

2.7 live according to general human values, that play defining role in achieving peaks of sport skills: belief, hope, love, wisdom, fairness, courage, will, restraint, good will;

2.8 remember about moral imperative to their parents and shall respect and highly value them, take care about them in every possible way, enrich the fame of their families;

2.9 take defeat, offence steadfastly and with dignity, not allow violence towards their competitors or offenders;

2.10 remember that sport spirit is the fusion of human will, body and mind. The use of doping contradicts sport spirit in principle;

2.11 share their acquisitions – material and spiritual – with those in need;

2.12 not allow filth, malice and falsehood towards their competitors either in mind or in actions; serve the truth and good deeds, not allow discrimination, keep unprejudiced concerning political, racial, national, religious convictions, not yield to commercial influence or corruption;

2.13 be merciful, fight against indifference and hard-heartedness, not allow negative influence on natural environment. It is taught by sport;

2.14 not allow violence towards people, not remain aloof if a neighbour needs help. Well developed physical qualities, abilities and skills are used only to protect the weaker and for justice;

2.15 not stain their dignity – even in their minds – by misappropriation of somebody's material or intellectual property;

2.16 remember that sport activity is inconsistent with such disgraceful human strains as arrogance, envy, greed, anger, laziness, disparagement; not forget that the most serious crime is deprivation of life, and also it is juridically and morally intolerable to inflict bodily injuries purposely;

2.17 purge themselves, their colleagues and Ukrainian society of filth; fight with hard drinking, drug addiction, vagrancy, homelessness and other amoral phenomena;

2.18 constantly remember about the special role of women, treat them with generosity, respect, take care of raising their significance in sport activity and social life;

2.19 do everything possible to make sport and Olympism the sense of life for the athletes and people close to them.

Adherence to the standards and requirements of the Ukrainian Olympian's Code of Honour in everyday life will promote the unification of Ukrainian nation, become a new impulse for evolutional development of our society that should result in harmonious development of the athlete personality – the pattern of equilibrium of intellectual, physical, moral and material values.

The most honorable mission of the national Olympian on the European and world arena is to strengthen the image of Ukraine as a civilized, historical and geographical center of Europe, a spiritual bridge between West and East, North and South, races and nations, religious and cultures.

ІІІ. Final Regulations

  • The present Code comes into effect since May 3, 2006.
  • The Code is applied to all relations in the field of Olympic sport that arose after the date of its coming into effect.
  • The Ethics Commission considers any breaches of the rules of the present Code; however a decision on the sanctions which might be taken against those responsible is taken by the Executive Committee of the NOC of Ukraine.
  • The fines applied to the breaches of the Code are fixed in the Regulations on the Ethics Commission of the NOC of Ukraine.
  • The Ethics Commission's conclusions may be appealed to the following bodies and in the following order: the NOC of Ukraine Executive Committee, the NOC of Ukraine General Assembly and Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).