Sergey Bubka Met Cheerleading officials in Kyiv
15 May 2017 Share
Sergey Bubka Met Cheerleading officials in Kyiv

Sergey Bubka, Ukraine’s NOC President, met International Cheer Union Secretary General Carl Olson and his Ukrainian counterparts – All-Ukrainian Federation President Yuri Krykun and Secretary General Hanna Andrienko at ‘Olympic House’ in Kyiv. They discussed the future opportunities of the sport in Ukraine and all over the globe.


Cheerleading received provisional recognition from the International Olympic Committee on December 6th, 2016.
Sergey Bubka said, ‘Cheerleading combines sport and show, it is emotional and dynamic, which means your sport can go further and receive new supporters. I’m happy Ukraine’s cheerleading is successful internationally, winning 9 medals at the world championships’.  
Bubka added that NOC and All-Ukrainian Cheerleading Federation are currently working on the recognition of the sport – the process will be launched after the NF meets all criteria.
Bubka praised proactive involvement of All-Ukrainian Federation in the process of recognition, saying it also provides good example for other NFs in terms of integration into the International Union, as Mr Krykun chairs International Union’s World Cup Committee, while Ms Andrienko is a member International Rules’ Committee and European Cheer Union Referee Committee.
Carl Olson informed Mr Bubka, that ICU includes 110 member nations, while Ukraine’s  Federation was one of the first to receive membership.
He also said cheerleading aims and dreams to become a part of the Olympic Games.


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