Sergey Bubka: “Care about future champions”
16 November 2017 Share
Sergey Bubka: “Care about future champions”

Sergey Bubka announced the launch of a new social campaign involving young people of Ukraine for healthy and active way of life.

The National Olympic Committee of Ukraine supported by the Coca-Cola Company represented the results of social research made by an international company GFK on youth well-being and possible impact of Olympic movement.

The results will give the possibility to understand better the expectations and challenges of the younger generation and should serve as the foundation for further work with all the categories involved in modernizing, managing and popularizing sports in the country.

“Not everyone who does sports will become a champion, but will grow up strong and successful personalities ", - said Sergey Bubka.

Following the results of this study, NOC together with the largest Ukrainian studio FILM.UA prepared seven short films about Olympic values.

The films show how sports, human values ​​and team engagement help young people to succeed and enjoy life.

Each school in Ukraine will receive specially made DVD with these films for use in educational work. All educational institutions of the country will be integrated into the project through open meetings and master classes with the participation of well-known Olympians.

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