Sergey Bubka: "Integrating Olympic Agenda»
17 November 2017 Share
Sergey Bubka:

Sergey Bubka presented a speech at the XXXIII NOC of Ukraine General Assembly.

"Olympic Agenda 2020 as a strategic development plan proposed by IOC President Thomas Bach is being actively implemented. These principles have been successfully integrated into the activities of the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine", - said Sergey Bubka.

Among the main trends is effective governance, which is based on five principles: transparency, integrity, democracy, sport development and solidarity, control mechanisms. The National Olympic Committee of Ukraine together with the federations is pursuing a consistent policy in this direction and will continue it next year. All NOC activities are open and transparent. Reports, including financial ones, are open to everyone.

Another important area is to increase the role and to strengthen the support to athletes. "We are pleased with our athletes having an active life position. I want to thank our athletes to the athletes for their active participation in sports life, Olympic projects, and social companies in TV programs, "- said the president of the NOC.

In the immediate plans of the Olympic Committee there is an increase in educational work among athletes, in particular regarding their access to the IOC's educational projects and the use of new world programs. Together with the National Olympic Committee Athletes' Commission, it is planned to develop and launch a program that would include a series of informative meetings with leading athletes to provide them with the highly specialized knowledge of a wide range of active careers, post-careers, education, anti-doping policies, and behavior with entourage - trainers, doctors, agents, the press, sponsors and partners.

It is important to maintain and really implement a world policy of protecting athletes from oppression and image. The International Olympic Committee has developed a special document on this issue: IOC Leadership for International Federations and the National Olympic Committees "Safeguarding athletes from harassment and abuse in sport".

One of the most important issue is the fight against doping.

"Doping undermines the very foundations of sport. The main thing - it undermines the trust of the sports and athletes on the part of the public, sponsors, state institutions. For the NOC of Ukraine compliance with the WADA Code, promotion of its activities, education of athletes - priority number 1", - said Sergey Bubka.

“We should support and integrate gender equality in sport and Olympic movement providing all the possibilities to realize their capabilities”, - Sergey Bubka mentioned.


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