Sergey Bubka joined Olympic Day celebration in Lviv
25 June 2018 Share
Sergey Bubka joined Olympic Day celebration in Lviv

Sergey Bubka, the President of the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine and International Olympic Committee Board Member made a visit to Lviv, where he joined Olympic Day celebration that unites all the world on June 23 on the occasion of the establishment of the International Olympic Committee.

The main events took place at the main city square near the Opera House. Sergey Bubka opened the event together with representatives of the Lviv state administration, well-known Olympians of Lviv region and other honorary guests.

‘I am very glad to visit Lviv region, a glorious sporting land with rich Olympic traditions, on this special day and to congratulate you all on a wonderful holiday - the Olympic Day, which is celebrated today in different parts of the world! Olympic Day will cover all Ukraine visiting the central squares of regional centers, small towns and villages, camps, park areas and other places. Everyone could find the activities he wants feeling himself as a real Olympian. I wish everyone be healthy, strong and successful,’- said Sergey Bubka.

Together with other participants, Sergey Bubka took part in a symbolic 500 meters run. In addition, he visited many other activities at the Olympic Day in Lviv. In particular, the Olympic warm-up, the exhibition of Olympic literature, master classes in weightlifting, karate, football, table tennis, climbing, boxing, badminton, judo, taekwondo, basketball, rhythmic gymnastics and other sports.

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