NOC of Ukraine Project “Olympic Stork-2018” culminated in countries’ final stage
12 September 2018 Share
NOC of Ukraine Project “Olympic Stork-2018” culminated in countries’ final stage

International ‘Artek’ Youth Centre in Kyiv hosted the Grand Final of the eighth edition of the annual ‘Olympic Stork’ Project initiated by the National Olympic Committee and its President, IOC Executive Board Member Sergey Bubka.

The project aimed at the promoting of Olympic values, active lifestyle, friendship, respect for physical and mental development for the school kids aged between 12 and 14 years old all over the country.


‘Health and knowledge are the two key values for every person. We are trying to involve young people to sports, to share unique Olympic values among youth, to show them the beauty of sports, to provide with the necessary education and sport experience’, - said Sergey Bubka.


The qualification process for the Grand Final involved more than 70 000 of kids from more than 5 000 schools representing all 25 Ukrainian regions, who competed during at several phases including school, city and regional competitions.


300 finalists from 25 best regional teems will take part in week-long final project activities which include not only sport competitions and mental creative contests, but also workshops and seminars with Ukraine’s star Olympic athletes.


The kids compete in the following contests - ‘Team Presentation’, ‘Sport Relay’, ‘Olympic Quiz’, ‘Volleyball’ etc. The winners will get special awards, as unique experience and knowledge.

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