A relative of the Olympic Movement founder Pierre de Coubertin visited Ukraine
29 October 2019 Share
A relative of the Olympic Movement  founder Pierre de Coubertin visited Ukraine

A relative of the founder of the world Olympic Movement, Pierre de Coubertin’s great-grand nephew, Yvan de Navacelle de Coubertin visited Ukraine.

The honorary guest arrived to participate in a representative seminar, organized jointly by the European Commission and the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine, to summarize the results of the European Week of Sport. This year the National Olympic Committee was nominated as the national coordinator of the project in Ukraine, which received high recognition from European experts.

During his visit to Ukraine, Ivan de Navachel de Coubertin met with the President of the National Olympic Committee, IOC Executive Board Member, Olympic Champion Sergey Bubka, discussing the Olympic legacy of the founder of Olympism, a unique philosophy that owes Olympic values. In the course of the conversation, Sergey Bubka noted that one of Baron de Coubertin's associates and one of the first Members of the International Olympic Committee was a native of Poltava region from Ukraine Alexei Butovsky.

During his stay in Ukraine, the honorary guest visited and praised the achievements of the International Center for Olympic Studies, where NOC Vice President, President of the Olympic Academy Mariya Bulatova presented activities on the promotion of Olympic education, the preservation of the Olympic heritage and the publication of Olympic literature.

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