Sergey Bubka met with the President of Armenia
30 October 2013 Share
Sergey Bubka met with the President of Armenia

The President of Armenia Mr. Serzh Sargsyan welcomed the leaders of the International Association of the Athletics Federations and the Association of Balkan Athletics, headed by the IAAF Vice President, President of the NOC of Ukraine, the Olympic champion Mr. Sergey Bubka.

Among the participants of the meeting who came to Armenia there were the representatives of the countries – the Association members – and other world famous athletes. They came to Armenia for summing-up the sports results of the federations included in the Association.

During the meeting Mr. Sergey Bubka and the leader of the Athletics Federation presented to the President of Armenia the activities and future plans of the Balkan Association of Athletics Federations. They also expressed their willingness jointly with IAAF for further facilitation of the Athletics Federation of Armenia development to promote its sport.

"Athletics is the Queen of Sport and we have to do all the best to involve as many as possible people in this wonderful kind of sport, particularly young people. IAAF is actively working in this area and we should continue to work together with all countries, states, non-governmental organizations to achieve the defined goals," said Mr. Sergey Bubka.

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