On behalf of Ukrainian Olympic Family
05 March 2014 Share
On behalf of Ukrainian Olympic Family

Olympic Family of Ukraine appeals to everyone who respects the principles of peace, tolerance and friendship, to all those who care about the future of our country!

Ukrainian Olympians from all the territories and regions represent their country with honour at the international field through many years.

Every part of our country made its great contribution to the story of Ukrainian Olympic achievements. L'viv is proud of Viktor Chukarin, Pavlo Lednyov, Yana Shemyakina; Lugansk remembers the wins of Valeriy Brumel, Olha Bryzgina and Viktor Bryzgin; Yuri Poyarkov, Olexiy Barkalov, Rustam Sharipov represented Kharkiv; Yana Klotchkova, Artur Aivazyan, Oleksandr Usyk started their illustrious careers in Crimea; Borys Shakhlin, Valeriy Borzov, Yuri Sedykh, Vadym Gutsait, Volodymyr Klitchko became sport super stars in Kyiv; Donetsk brought Polina Astakhova, Illya Mate, Lilia Podkopaeva into the Olympic limelight while Vasyl Lomachenko and Olha Kharlan brought fame to Odessa and Mykolaiyv respectively.

Ukrainian Olympic Team for 2014 Winter Games included the representatives of 13 regions. The athletes felt themselves a single team performing for the honour of their country at the hardest time of its history. Women's biathlon relay team - Vita and Valentina Semerenko from Sumy, Julia Dzyma from Kyiv and Olena Pidhrushna from Ternopil - who won gold medal in Sochi has become a symbol of unity of Ukrainian nation!

On behalf of the multicultural Olympic family of Ukraine we appeal for the Olympic athletes all over the world to support the people of Ukraine in our aspiration to preserve peace!

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