Sergey Bubka is appointed as a chairman of the IOC Entourage Commission
03 April 2014 Share
Sergey Bubka is appointed as a chairman of the IOC Entourage Commission

The President of the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine, the member of the Executive Committee of the International Olympic Committee Sergey Bubka will head the IOC Entourage Commission. This appointment was confirmed by the official letter of the IOC President Thomas Bach.

The IOC Entourage Commission was established in 2010 and since then it has been headed by Sergey Bubka. The IOC Entourage Commission is an important component of the International Olympic Committee.

The Commission deals with the relationships of the athlete and his entourage – the surroundings of the athlete that have an impact on the athlete and his trainings. These people are the managers, agents, coaches, medical workers, scientists, sports organizations, sponsors, lawyers, and any one of those who affect the athlete's career, including his family.

The task of the IOC Entourage Commission, as well as the Athletes Commission, is to create the most favorable environment for the athlete. In the framework of the Athletes Commission mostly athletes are involved, to the work of the IOC Entourage Commission a much broader range of experts and members of the Olympic Movement are involved.

According to the appointment of the IOC President, Sergey Bubka will continue to work as a member of the Coordination Commission for the Games of XXXI Olympiad – Rio de Janeiro 2016, and is an honorary member of the IOC Athletes' Commission, which was headed by him for a long time.

Earlier, Sergey Bubka was a member of the IOC Coordination Commission for the Games of XXIX Olympiad – Beijing 2008 and was a chairman of the appropriate Commission for the first ever Youth Olympic Games 2010 in Singapore.

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