Heroes of Sports Year

All-Ukrainian Ceremony «Heroes of Sports Year» is the grand sport event which has been held on the main stages of the country since 2007. This ceremony is a grate occasion to meet Olympic champions and medalists of all times, coaches and sports specialists.

The sports «Oscar» is presented to athletes and coaches who won medals at the Olympic and world sports arenas. Sports organizers whose contribution was recognized the most substantial also get this award.


«The Olympic Book», «The Olympic Corner»

Since 2011 National Olympic Committee of Ukraine together with the Olympic Academy of Ukraine organizes the nationwide actions «The Olympic Book» and «The Olympic Corner». During these projects each of over 20 000 schools and each of 230 classes is provided with Olympic literature and sports equipment.

The main goal is the development of the Olympic movement in Ukraine, promotion of healthy lifestyles, spreading the ideas of Olympism.


«The Olympic Lesson»

The Olympic lesson is the annual sports event which was initiated by National Olympic Committee of Ukraine since 2004. The Olympic Lesson is held in all regions of the country.

Anyone who participates in the Lesson of Physical Education and Sports has a good chance to talk to champions and winners of the Olympic Games, World and European Championships and visit numerous sports venues, get important and useful information. Over 40 sports grounds present different sports holding open training sessions and demonstrations.


«Olympic Day»

In the world there is a good tradition to celebrate Olympic Day dedicated to the International Olympic Committee’s foundation (23rd of June 1894). Olympic Day is a family sports holiday where everyone finds something what he likes. At this event people can feel like real Olympians.

The Olympic Day takes place in the central town streets, in parks, children's camps, stadiums of different regions.

Together with the ordinary citizens the famous Ukrainian athletes, Olympic champions and medalists, winners of the World and European Championships participate at the all-Ukrainian event.

If your state of health does not allow participating in athletics races, you can join to the many contests, quiz and draws.

All members can find something useful and join to the Olympic ideas and values.


«Olympic stork»

«Olympic stork» is the project of National Olympic Committee of Ukraine which promotes the Olympic ideas, attracts children to physical education and sport, and brings up young generation based on the principles of patriotism and friendship.

All the year the 5th -6th formers take a quiz on the Olympic movement topic, participate in the relay races, teams’ presentations and many different contests. The team-winner of all 25 Ukrainian regions compete at all-Ukrainian final that take place in the International Children's Center «Artek». 


«Pole Vaulting at Maidan»

In 2007 competition of pole stars the «Pole Vaulting at Maidan» was initiated by National Olympic Committee of Ukraine. This event is organized by NOC of Ukraine and the Athletics Federation of Ukraine and is included to the official IAAF calendar.

The top athletes compete in the outdoor event at the main square of the country.

In 2011 Russian Aleksey Kovalchuk set a record of the tournament- 5.72 m.

The world record in the male pole vault outdoor – 6.14 m - belongs to the legendary Ukrainian Sergey Bubka. He also set the still unbroken indoor record - 6.15 m.