243 athletes to represent Ukraine at the inaugural European Games
20 May 2015 Share
243 athletes to represent Ukraine at the inaugural European Games

243 athletes are going to compete for Ukraine during the first ever European Games scheduled between May 12 and 28 in Baku, Azerbaijan.

The composition of the team was approved on May 19th at the Ukraine NOC Executive Board meeting in Kyiv.

The Ukrainians will participate in 19 of the 20 sports. The only missing is athletics with just one medal set at stake for the third division of European Team Athletics Championship.

Ukraine team list was settled following the European Games' qualification process and the national selection.

Sergey Bubka, Ukraine NOC President, IOC Executive Board member and IAAF Vice President, commented, «I am delighted to see Ukraine being a part of the prominent landmark event in European sport. Our athletes are going to add new chapter to the history of sport. Ukraine will be represented by a forceful team which is actually equal in number to that at summer Olympic Games. I hope they will try at their best winning medals and letting their families and fans being proud of them. I am sure that people here in Ukraine will provide huge support for the national team in the course of Baku-2015 European Games».

During European Games over 6000 athletes from all 50 European NOCs will compete for 253 medal sets in 20 sports (including 16 Olympic and 4 non-Olympic sports).