Ukrainian capital celebrated Olympic Day «Towards the European Games in Baku»
23 May 2015 Share
Ukrainian capital celebrated Olympic Day  «Towards the European Games in Baku»

Today, Ukrainian capital celebrated Olympic Day that is held all over the world on the occasion of the International Olympic Committee founding.

Sports family holiday, organized by the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine, the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine and Kyiv City State Administration with the support of the Sports Committee of Ukraine, the National Committee for Disabled Sports and the company «McDonalds» has collected a large number of true lovers of active and healthy lifestyle.


«This is a great sports festival, which is celebrated around the world and gives everyone the opportunity to share the unique and universal Olympic values do step towards a healthy lifestyle and feel like a real Olympian» - said during the event NOC President Serhiy Bubka.


Youth and Sports Minister Igor Zhdanov said: «In this beautiful sunny day, I wish to congratulate all sports fans with the Olympic feast day. I wish our team success at the European Games in Baku. We root for them and keep our fingers crossed».


General Director of «McDonald's Ukraine Ltd.» Grzegorz Hmelyarskyy said: «That's already 12 years we support the Olympic day. This sporting event allows everyone who wants to try himself in the sport and make it an integral part of their lives. In addition, this year we again organized a children's area, where little sporting events, participants will be able to play with a huge box of Happy Mill, show off and have a good time with his family. We believe that physical development and an active lifestyle are essential for all people in any age».


This year's Olympic Day in Ukraine is devoted to the European Games in Baku. Famous Ukrainian athletes who will represent Ukraine at this prestigious historical forum  Olga Harlan, Olena Kostevich Jan Belenyuk Oleg Vernyayev, Irina Romoldanova and others became active participants of sporting event.


Olympic medalists Natalia Dobrynska, Elena Pidhrushna, Yulia Dzhima, Oleksiy Torokhtiy, Vadim Gutzait, Elbrus Tedeev, Viktoriya Tereshchuk, Anna Bessonova and many others visited Olympic Day in Kyiv.

Guests and participants of the festival opened Olympic Day with special Olympic warm up. The most active participants received gifts from organizers.


Everyone headed by outstanding Olympians had a great opportunity to take part in a symbolic race in a circle legendary stadium, which in 1980 hosted the Olympic Games.


Olympic Day «Towards the European Games in Baku» has launched in the capital to other cities of Ukraine. Festival of sport will move through the whole country - its smallest towns and metropolitan areas, where it will celebrate sports competitions, creative contests and quizzes on the Olympic theme.