Olympic lesson started in Kyiv
14 September 2015 Share
Olympic lesson started in Kyiv

The great sports festival, initiated by National Olympic Committee of Ukraine jointly with the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine, Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine with the support of city and regional administrations started in Kyiv for the 11th time.

The start of the Olympic lesson was given by symbolic school bell by NOC President and Olympic champion Sergey Bubka.

More than 60 fields of Olympic, Paralympic and non-Olympic sports were represented on the main square of the country.

Together with the famous Olympians all the participants could took part in the warm-up Do like Olympians and Olympic flash mob.

Numerous competitions, relay races, quiz and contests were also in the program of the Olympic lesson.

Launched in Kyiv Olympic lesson will cover all the regions of the country, where thousands of pupils and students will get the opportunity to meet and talk with Olympic champions and medalists, outstanding athletes and coaches to learn more about the history of the Olympic movement, his ideas and principles, to temper themselves not only physically, but also intellectually.