All-Ukrainian project #YouLeader successfully finished
21 September 2015 Share
All-Ukrainian project #YouLeader successfully finished

All-Ukrainian final of the project #YouLeader was successfully held in the sanatorium complex "Pushcha-Ozerna" near Kyiv.

This project is the continuation of the Ukrainian successful sports events among children "Olympic Stork", which is held for the fifth time by the initiative of the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine.

This year its implementation was supported by UNDP and the Foundation "Coca-Cola" within the international program New Word.

During the week, most sporting 300, most active and most intelligent children from 25 regions had a good opportunity to show their intellectual and physical abilities and honest and uncompromising struggle determined the winner in the Olympic quiz, sports relay race, the mobile game and environmental quest.

During those six days, children could find new friends, show their leadership skills, learn to combine efforts to achieve this goal and protect nature and care for the environment.

Olympic champions and winners who are not only successful athletes, but also leaders for life took part in the project to support young athletes in their way to their dreams.

To become a finalist of # YouLeader project during the year 5-8 grade pupils (11-14 years old) from all over Ukraine fought for the right to represent their region on the most important start of the season.
Competitions were held in several stages, starting from tournaments between classes, schools, districts, cities, regions and teams. The winners of all the stages got the chance to take part in All-Ukrainian final.