Ukrainian Olympic Family Celebrates 25th Anniversary
17 December 2015 Share
Ukrainian Olympic Family Celebrates 25th Anniversary

The National Olympic Committee of Ukraine will mark its 25th anniversary on December 22, 2015. Massive celebration was held ahead of the date in Kyiv, the country’s capital.

IOC President Thomas Bach and ANOC President Sheikh Al Sabah visited the country to join the celebration along with the presidents and representatives of many NOCs.

Thomas Bach met Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko who awarded the Order the Wise III grade to his guest. NOC President Sergey Bubka and Vice Presidents Valeriy Borzov, Hryhory Surkis and Volodymyr Brynzak accompanied IOC President.

The main ceremony took place in the National Operetta featuring honorable guests, prominent nation's Olympic athletes, coaches, sport experts and functionaries.

Sergey Bubka said at the ceremony, 'We went through the process of formation and development. It was not easy but we were strong together. Throughout this quarter century we are working together, discussing matters, learning, generating new ideas and putting them into practice. We carry out lots of ambitious projects and proudly promote true Olympic values'.

Bubka added, 'Ukraine NOC is happy and proud to receive huge understanding and support from the International Olympic Committee, the Association of the National Olympic Committees and the European Olympic Committees, as well as from our mates and colleagues from NOCs all over the globe'.

IOC President Thomas Bach in his greeting speech said, 'Your 25-year anniversary is a milestone not only for you but for the whole Olympic Movement. Your NOC is a strong and successful member of the Olympic Movement. Rest assured that we will continue to build on our friendship and excellent relationship between the NOC of Ukraine and the IOC for many years to come'.

President Bach handed over the IOC Pierre de Coubertin Trophy to Sergey Bubka, the President of the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine.

Thomas Bach, who is foil fencing Olympic champion of Montreal 1976, joined the Olympic lesson in one of the schools in Kyiv the day after the ceremony making fencing workshop for kids along with Ukrainian Olympic fencers.

The inauguration of the Olympic library within the International Olympic research center has become the part of the anniversary celebration. The center is based in Ukraine's sports alma mater – National University for Physical Education and Sports. Honorable guests attended the library inauguration and the opening of commemoration wall plague for star Olympians-University graduates.

President of the ANOC Sheikh Al-Sabah was inaugurated as Doctor Honoris Causa of the University at the Academy Board meeting the same day.