23 athletes will compete at YOG in Lillehammer
28 January 2016 Share
23 athletes will compete at YOG in Lillehammer

23 athletes will represent Ukraine at the Winter Youth Olympic Games in Lillehammer (Norway), which will run from 12 to 21 February.

Young Ukrainian Olympians will take part in 9 sports competitions: Biathlon (2 girls and 2 boys), Nordic Combined (1 boy), Skating (1 boy, 1 sport couple and two dance couples), Luge Sports (3 boys and 1 girl), Ski jumping (1 boy), cross-Country skiing (1 boy and 1 girl), Alpine skiing (1 boy and 1 girl), Skeleton (1 boy) and Snowboarding (1 boy).


In general, 1,100 top athletes from 70 countries aged 15 to 18 years will compete in 15 winter disciplines for 70 sets of medals.

In 2008 the International Olympic Committee taking historical decision to launch a holding Summer and Winter Youth Olympic Games had intensions to carry not only the competitive nature among young athletes around the world, but also to include in their training, cognitive and cultural educational component.

In Lillehammer athletes will attend a variety of workshops, master classes with the famous and titled Olympians, tours, teambuilding classes that focused on communication, networking and increased knowledge about the history and culture of other countries.


The participants will take part at the discussion on the relevant topics including: future career, a healthy lifestyle, the fight against doping, injury prevention and life after sport.