PEAK Sport’ Chairman Attended Ukraine NOC Headquarters in Kyiv
20 April 2016 Share
PEAK Sport’ Chairman Attended Ukraine NOC Headquarters in Kyiv

Chairman of PEAK Sport company Mr Xu Jingnan payed a visit to Kyiv to meet Ukraine's National Olympic Committee executives at organization's headquarters.

PEAK Sport company is one of the most prominent sponsors of Ukraine NOC, as well as official supplier of the national Olympic team and the NOC until 2020. PEAK Sport provides outfit for Ukrainian teams at winter and summer Olympics, as well as at the Youth Olympics, European Games and European Youth Olympic Festivals.

Mr Xu Jingnan visited NOC Headquarters along with PEAK Sports Marketing Director Mr Lin Xiaoxiong to meet Vice President Valery Borzov and NOC executives. Future cooperation and the issues of supplying Ukrainian teams at the upcoming events were discussed.

Valery Borzov expressed his gratitude to PEAK Sport saying, 'We really appreciate the fact that our cooperation in terms of preparation for 2016 Olympics is going stricly according to plan. I am also proud that NOC Ukraine's sponsors has never expressed any serious concerns about how the Committee fulfils its obligations'.

Mr Xu Jingnan commented PEAK Sport company is happy to cooperate with Ukraine's NOC. Company's Chairman said, 'We are here in Ukraine to expand our cooperation. We intend to make our involvement even deeper including partnership in many aspects of Olympic movement.

PEAK Sport high executives also met Ukraine's Youth and Sport Minister Ihor Zhdanov, as well as Ukraine's National federations' presidents. Preparation for the upcoming Summer Games and extension of cooperation were in the limelight at the meetings.

Mr Xu Jingnan and Mr Lin Xiaoxiong used an occassion to attend one of PEAK Sport stores in Kyiv where they had an opportunity to meet nation's prominent athetes – fencing Olympic champion Yana Shemyakina and her teammates Kseniya Panteleeva, Anfisa Pochkalova and Olena Kryvytska, as well as rhythmic gymnastics world champion Anna Rizatdinova and Greco-Roman wrestling world champion Zhan Beleniuk.

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