Dr Jacques ROGGE – “Doctor Honoris Causa” of the National University of Ukraine on Physical Education and Sport
03 October 2006 Share
Dr Jacques ROGGE  – “Doctor Honoris Causa” of the National University of Ukraine on Physical Education and Sport

On 3 October 2006 the President of the International Olympic Committee Dr Jacques Rogge visited the National University of Ukraine on Physical Education and Sport.Before the official ceremony IOC President Dr Jacques Rogge accompanied by the IOC members in Ukraine Mr. Sergey Bubka and Mr.

Valeriy Borzov as well as the Rector of the National University of Ukraine on Physical Education and Sport Mr. Volodymyr Platonov and the President of the Olympic Academy of Ukraine Mrs. Maria Bulatova had the possibility to get acquainted with the history of the leading sport university of the country, visited its fitness-center, center of sport injury, gymnasiums, museum of the University. Dr Jacques Rogge was especially impressed by the number the University students who reached the highest Olympic peaks. He also paid attention to the efficient activity of the University, the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine and the Olympic Academy of Ukraine in the field of education, i.e. publishing of Olympic literature.
The Minister of Ukraine for Family, Youth and Sport Mr. Yuriy Pavlenko, Chairman of the Parliament Committee on Science and Education Ms. Kateryna Samoilyk, Chairman of the Committee on Health Protection Ms. Tetyana Bakhteyeva, Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Family, Youth Policy, Sport and Tourism Mr. Ravil Safiullin, Olympic champions and medal winners, sports activists were present at the meeting.
The President of the National Olympic Committee Mr. Sergey Bubka opened the ceremony. “The visit of Dr Jacques Rogge to Ukraine has historical importance not only for the development of the national Olympic Movement but for the prestige of the country in general”, he stressed. Mr. Sergey Bubka informed the audience about the dynamic activity of the National Olympic Committee, conducted by the joint efforts of the NOC staff. Mr. Bubka stated that the NOC of Ukraine has made much progress in its relations with sponsors. Lately sponsorship agreements with UMC, Samsung Electronics, Coca-Cola, Nike, VDone, Jonson & Jonson, Ukreximbank, Rodovid Bank, Fanny, Chernigivske were signed. This cooperation enables the NOC to implement the Programmes of the Olympic Movement development for the period 2005-2010.
“At present the NOC of Ukraine collaborates with the Parliament and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. We hope that in 2007 the NOC will be supported by state financing thus having the possibility to bring the Olympic Movement of our country to the new level”, the NOC of Ukraine President said.

Mr. Sergey Bubka also informed about the NOC initiatives that were realized during the year. He draw special attention to the celebration “Meeting of Golden Generations” organized with the assistance of UMC company, All-Ukrainian Olympic Lesson “O Sport, You are Peace!”, collaboration with the NOCs of the other countries.

“Since November 2005, every month the NOC of Ukraine determines the best athlete and awards him/her with prize money and honorary award”, Mr. Bubka said.

The President of the NOC of Ukraine also stressed the importance of cooperation with sports federations and regional divisions that are provided with administration grants. Efficient transparent scheme based on Olympic federations ranking was created to allocate the funds.
Mr. Sergey Bubka presented Dr Jacques Rogge with commemorative gifts of the Olympic family of Ukraine.

The Rector of the NUPESU Mr. Volodymyr Platonov announced the decision of the Academic Council to award Dr Jacques Rogge a scientific degree “Doctor Honoris Causa” and presented the IOC President with the diploma. In his speech Mr. Platonov represented the activity of the University, achievements of its graduates and plans for the future. In conclusion the Rector of the NUPESU said, “At present the NOC of Ukraine chaired by Mr. Sergey Bubka conducts its various activity in the sake of the development of sport and the national Olympic Movement”.

The Minister of Ukraine for Family, Youth and Sport Mr. Yuriy Pavlenko congratulated Dr Rogge on awarding honorary degree. “Ukraine is a powerful sport country and sport is one of its priority activities. The National Council on Physical Culture and Sport was created and chaired by the President of Ukraine. It will enable us to solve effectively all urgent matters in the field of sport”, the Minister said. Mr. Pavlenko stressed that important role the NOC plays in Ukrainian society.

In his speech Dr Jacques Rogge said that it was a great honour for him to become Doctor Honoris Causa of the University that promoted Olympic values in Ukraine.

The IOC President recalled Mr. Oleksiy Butovskyy, associate of Pierre de Coubertin, who contributed much effort to the revival of the Olympic Movement in the world and was selected the first IOC member in the Russian Empire.

Dr Rogge emphasized that through sport we can teach young generation our traditional humanistic values and ideals; and sport plays an important role in the promotion of healthy way of life.

“Ukrainian Olympic champions are the heroes who motivate young people to practise sport,” IOC President said.

At the conclusion Dr Rogge pointed to the high professional level of Ukrainian sport managers and importance of their collaboration with state institutions.

Anastasiya Zrazhevska
Press Department