Sergey Bubka participated in the final stage of the Olympic Torch Relay in Korea
08 February 2018 Share
Sergey Bubka participated in the final stage of the Olympic Torch Relay in Korea

The day before the Opening Ceremony of the XXIII Olympic Winter Games in PyeongChang, Sergey Bubka carried an Olympic flame in Gangneung, coastal cluster of Olympic capital-2018.

It was the twelfth relay for the legendary athlete who is the Olympic champion, 35-time world record holder and 6-time world champion.

It was prior to Olympic Games in Sidney 2000 when he was involved in his first Olympic Torch Relay. Later, on some Olympic relays this mission was imposed to legendary Olympian even twice to declare the recognition of Bubka’s achievements as an athlete and international sport functionary.

Sergey Bubka carried Olympic Torch in Kyiv in July, 2004 when Ukraine’s capital hosted a stage of international Olympic Torch Relay before Athens’ Olympic Games. IOC admitted the stage in Kyiv to be one of the best in the world regarding organization level and number of participants.

While carrying the Olympic Torch, Sergey Bubka who is also IOC EB member and IAAF Senior Vice President, was warmly received by wide audience of locals and guests. He spared time with everyone who asked for picture. 

The representatives of the Ukrainian delegation headed by Vice Prime Minister Vyacheslav Kyrylenko, who coordinates the sport sector in the government and officially represent the state leadership at the Games, came to support outstanding Olympian.

"Every time I carry the Olympic flame with pride and special elevation as a symbol of peace, unity, friendship and mutual respect. I devoted my entire life to sport, and this moment, when you hold an Olympic torch in your hands, is a special and unique," - commented Sergey Bubka on his participation in the relay.