Oleksandr Abramenko – PyeongChang Olympic Champion in Freestyle Skiing!
19 February 2018 Share
Oleksandr Abramenko – PyeongChang Olympic Champion  in Freestyle Skiing!

Great news from the Olympic PyeongChang - Ukrainian Oleksandr Abramenko creates the new history!

For the first time in the history of Ukrainian freestyle in Men’s Aerials, our athlete gets a medal of the Olympic Games and moreover - a medal of the highest quality!

The "Golden" result of Oleksandr - 128.51.

Last year Oleksandr missed through a knee injury and in a row proved that he is a real professional and a fighter.

The President of the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine Sergey Bubka congratulated the Champion and his coach Enver Ablayev with brilliant achievement, noting high professionalism and sporting character.

"I'm incredibly happy! It's hard to convey my emotions and feelings! Happy to be the first Ukrainian to win the Olympic medal in freestyle. I cannot believe it. It seems like a kind of fairy tale, it's just a dream! "-Abramenko said.

"It was very tough competition of very strong and well prepared athletes. The minutes of waiting for the last jump were also nervous. My final jump was the best in the season. It was a great risk, but I managed and, I think, justified not only their own but also the expectations of the whole of Ukraine, " he added, expressing his sincere thanks to all the fans for faith and support.

 "Yesterday on the eve of the training, I was very worried, because I understood that this is the Olympic Games! We had to perform two jumps very well and get into the super finals. It was very difficult. I'm very glad that I’ve done everything in the best way" ,- said Olympic Champion.

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