Sergey Bubka presented unique Ukrainian Olympic literature to the Olympic Museum in Lausanne
17 January 2019 Share
Sergey Bubka presented unique Ukrainian Olympic literature to the Olympic Museum in Lausanne

During the visit to Lausanne Sergey Bubka, the President of the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine and IOC Executive Board Member, visited the Olympic Museum, the International Centre for Olympic Studies and the Olympic Library.

Sergey Bubka presented to the museum the unique Olympic literature that the NOC of Ukraine issues in cooperation with the Olympic Academy of Ukraine. The NOC of Ukraine President also presented historical stamps and interesting and useful editions on the results of the celebration in Poltava (the city of Ukraine) the 180th anniversary of the birth of Oleksiy Butovsky, a prominent Ukrainian, and the founder of the modern Olympic Movement.

'For many years, the National Olympic Committee and the Olympic Academy of Ukraine, led by its president, Maria Bulatova, are actively working on the dissemination of Olympic values ​​and the publication of unique Olympic literature - from children's educational diaries to multi-volume encyclopedias. It is very pleasant to know that this mission is being implemented not only in Ukraine, but also covers the whole world, as our editions are translated into other languages. We believe that, thanks to them, young people and society will take an example from famous athletes, will follow Olympic values ​​and remember history', - said Sergey Bubka.

Sergey Bubka, the Olympic Champion, who is also a member of the Executive Board of the International Olympic Committee, met and had a talk with German athletes who were invited to Lausanne by Thomas Bach, the President of the IOC. That meeting took place within the framework of the International Olympic Committee's Mentoring Program, which links the Olympians who have successfully completed the transition to a new career with those athletes who are just starting this path. It is noteworthy that the idea is that Olympians are paired up with mentors who share their knowledge and provide valuable insights into how to manage the transition into a post-competition career, while also helping their mentee make the most of the valuable skills and experience gained through years of competing as an elite athlete.

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