Olympic and Paralympic winter games Milano Cortina 2026 winning emblem revealed
30 March 2021 Share
Olympic and Paralympic winter games Milano Cortina 2026 winning emblem revealed

Earlier today, “Futura” was revealed as the official emblem of the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games Milano Cortina 2026. This followed a global public vote held between 7 and 25 March 2021, launched to select one of two emblem designs. Just over 871,000 votes were cast from 169 countries around the world, with around 75 per cent of entries selecting “Futura” as their favourite.

Speaking about this, the IOC’s Milano Cortina 2026 Coordination Commission Chair, Sari Essayah, said: “Congratulations to Milano Cortina 2026 on its new emblem. Influenced by the themes of sport, solidarity and sustainability, ‘Futura’ illustrates a dynamic and modern design that reflects some the fundamental values of its Olympic and the Paralympic Winter Games.”

She continued: “Milano Cortina 2026’s strategy for a people-centric Games builds on the belief that we are stronger together – evident in its engagement of the wider public in this decision-making process. Its determination to make Italy fall in love with the Games and the world to fall in love with Italy has been evident throughout this global initiative. We’re certain this affection will continue to grow over the next five years, inspired by this unique emblem design.”

The “Futura” emblem traces a single ice-white line of the number 26, reflecting Milano Cortina 2026’s ambition to place sustainability and legacy at its core. This builds on its commitment to use, for the greater part, temporary and existing venues and infrastructure; its aim of delivering carbon-neutral Games; and its ambition to boost economic development across Northern Italy.

The Organising Committee was determined to express the message of solidarity by using a single distinct element for both the Olympic and the Paralympic Winter Games. Consequently, “Futura” has been adapted to include the colours of the spectacular natural light phenomenon that can often be seen above the Dolomites, expanding its accessibility to the visually impaired.

The winning emblem was revealed during an online event broadcast from the headquarters of Milano Cortina 2026 in Milan, in conjunction with the Hall of Honour of CONI in Rome.  Giovanni Malagò, President of CONI and Milano Cortina 2026, and Vincenzo Novari, CEO of Milano Cortina 2026, hosted the event together with the newly appointed State Undersecretary for Sports and six-time Olympic fencing champion, Valentina Vezzali, with representatives of the authorities and stakeholders from the territories directly involved in the Games also present.