#BeActive Olympic Lesson visited International Children Center «ARTEK»
22 September 2021 Share

It has become a good tradition for the to hold Olympic lessons throughout the country every September. This initiative of the is loved by millions of girls and boys.

This year's Lessons are part of the European Week of Sport campaign with the slogan #BeActive – the initiative of the European Commission that has been held every year on September 23-30 since 2015 in Europe.

Our Olympic medalists Svitlana Maziy (rowing), Valery Andriytsev (freestyle wrestling) and Olena Yatsenko (handball) had the opportunity to see how active and sporty children from all over Ukraine are, who are currently resting and recovering at the Artek International Children's Center.

It was the Olympians who were the captains of the teams during the athletics relays. They supported the children in their quest for victory, and be a role models for children demonstrating their excellent physical fitness and activity.

And since the Olympic movement is multifaceted and includes not only the sports component, the participants of the #BeActive Olympic lesson were also offered a creative competition – «Sports Photography», where each of the 5 teams had to depict the sport and the «Olympic Quiz» on the history of Olympic and sport movement. The Artek successfully coped with all tasks.

Like at the school lesson, the participants of the #BeActive Olympic lesson received a home tasks from our star guests – to keep a healthy life style and be active. Athletes were unanimous that the children, who with such incredible passion and brilliance in their eyes participated in the Olympic lesson events, must save that spirit of unity and support and, of course, make friends with sports and be active. The children were presented with the gifts from the National Olympic Committee and the European Commission.