Ivano-Frankivsk schoolchildren learned about the importance of sports at the #BeActive Olympic lesson with Sergey Bubka
05 October 2021 Share
Ivano-Frankivsk schoolchildren learned about the importance of sports at the #BeActive Olympic lesson with Sergey Bubka

The activities of the European Week of Sport united the whole country under the slogan #BeActive. For the third year in a row, the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine has been the National Coordinator of the European Week of Sport in Ukraine. During the #BeActive Olympic Lessons initiated by the NOC, the younger generation will learn why it is healthy and important to be active, inspired by the example of famous Olympians.

During the visit to Ivano-Frankivsk region, the Ambassador of the European Week of Sport in Ukraine, the NOC President and Olympic Champion Sergey Bubka met the schoolchildren of Prykarpattia for one of such lessons.

"Sport has given me a lot – it is self-discipline and perseverance, which in the future allowed me to reach the top of the sports Olympus," said Sergey Bubka, welcoming the participants of the event.

"Sport is also an opportunity to overcome any fears and difficulties, to self-develop. Sport opens up the world, makes it possible to find reliable friends. Therefore, take this opportunity as actively as possible, go to the sports grounds and become role models for your peers. Be healthy and active!” urged the youth Sergey Bubka.

The honorary guests of the Lesson, including two-time Olympic medalist (judo) Roman Gontyuk, participants of the Olympic Games (boxing) Viktor Polyakov and Servin Suleymanov, track and field athlete Galyna Oleshchuk, as well as the Chair of the regional NOC office Myroslav Karabin and the NOC President enjoyed the performance of young judokas. Sergey Bubka presented the athletes and future Olympians with NOC gifts.

The Ambassador of the EWoS also stressed the importance of sports during a meeting with pupils and students, which took place in the Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Library for Children and Youth.

According to the NOC President, a set of unique publications on Olympic sports and methodological manuals on Olympic education, which were presented today to the library, will be a good source not only to gain new knowledge, but also to choose the desired direction of development.