Dear President, Dear Friend
04 March 2022 Share
Dear President, Dear Friend

Further to the letter you have just received from the IOC President and, in consideration of the worsening situation and humanitarian crisis caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine last week, the IOC and the EOC stand in solidarity with the Olympic Movement of Ukraine and fully support all recommended actions carried out to safeguard the well-being of Ukrainian athletes.

Indeed, following our initial contacts with him well before the start of the conflict and as events escalated to the situation we have today, we fully supported the IOC's decision to request Mr. Sergii Bubka, President of the NOC of Ukraine and IOC Member, to come immediately to Lausanne to coordinate all elements of humanitarian assistance to the Ukrainian Olympic Community.

As you know, the EOC Executive Board met recently and allocated special financial assistance to provide humanitarian aid to Ukraine. In addition and as has already been reported in the media, the IOC President has also created a solidarity fund for this very purpose. Consequently, with the support of Olympic Solidarity and his staff at the NOC, Mr Bubka will lead both teams in Lausanne and Ukraine on the allocation and distribution of the solidarity fund towards the Ukrainian Olympic community and sports movement. From our side, the EOC will closely collaborate with Mr. Bubka's teams in order to bring our financial and technical support where needed.

Today more than ever we have to join in efforts and demonstrate solidarity to the NOC of Ukraine. Under the leadership of Sergii Bubka, the IOC and the EOC will continue to monitor the situation on an hourly basis and will give further updates in due course on the unified approach of the European National Olympic Committees in support of the athletes, coaches and sport officials of Ukraine.

While we trust in your collaboration, we send you our best regards,

Spyros Capralos

Raffaele Pagnozzi
Secretary General