The Expended Meeting of NOC of Ukraine Executive Committee
08 April 2002 Share
The Expended Meeting of NOC of Ukraine Executive Committee

The expended meeting of NOC of Ukraine Executive Committee was held on the 2nd of April. The NOC member, the Head of sport, youth and tourism sector of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Mykola KOSTENKO, the chief consultant on humanitarian problems of the President of Ukraine Administration Viktor RUDENKO, the chief of high sport achievements department of the Ukrainian State Committee on matters of physical culture and sport, the NOC member Nina UMANETS, the NOC member, the head of the medico-biological maintenance Commission Vyacheslav POPOV, the principle of State Scientific Institute of NUPESU Kostyantyn SACHOVSKIY, chiefs of winter sports federations of Ukraine, heads of physical culture and sport communities, representatives of mass media who were on the Olympic Games in Salt-Lake took part in the meeting. The main problems of discussion were results of participation of Ukrainian delegation on the XIX Winter Olympic Games 2002 in Salt-Lake.

All the present listened to the report of the NOC Chief de mission Vasyl KARLENKO who told about the gaps in work, having emphasized disadvantages in organization. "Taking into consideration all our prognoses and hopes, one must admit that they were approved just by several athletes such as Stanislav KRAVCHUK, Valentina SHEVCHENKO, Lilia LUDAN. I say it once more, we couldn't foresee the results precisely and not only in biathlon. How to move further? We must improve the role of federations and regions which are to take the functions of competition holding and participation in them."

Vyacheslav POPOV reported about the medical maintenance of Ukrainian Olympic team. Kostyantyn SACHOVSKIY spoke about the methodological and scientific support of the team and pointed out the poor financing of the sport science, inability to go to the essential international competitions in order to watch and help the athletes. The NOC of Ukraine President Ivan FEDORENKO pointed out a lot of problems connected with further development of winter sports in our country. "While preparing to the Olympic Games we did a number of organizational mistakes. NOC proposed to sign three-side agreement with precise pointing of duties subdivision among State Committee, NOC and federations. Nowadays all the coaches are under State Committee and that is why presidents of federations have no that influence upon it they must have. Taking into consideration all prognoses, one may admit that our athletes performed badly except ski races, bobsleigh and freestyle. We also must require that our government is to support sport as in case of poor financing the development of sport in our country appears to be impossible. This opinion is shared also by State Committee on matters of physical culture and sport, and we are going to discuss this matter on the Organizing Committee meeting on the participation of Ukraine in the Olympic and Paralympic Games under the heading of the Prime-Minister. And concerning the medical maintenance: we must cooperate with the Ministry of Health Service though I admit that the great step ahead is already done: anti-doping laboratory, the clinics of sport injure are created. The other essential matter is the personnel upholding of sport of high achievements. How many Ukrainian specialists have good results working with foreign athletes? Some high-qualified specialists are ready to return to Ukraine but normal conditions for work are to be created for them. It is necessary to think over the system of trainers' qualification improvement in order to feel development and not to access them without requalification to the teams. Concerning the marketing program: in the period of 1999-2001 NOC gave financial support (1 million hrivnas) to winter sports federations. We also try creating (in cooperation with National TV Company of Ukraine) a sport program to light out the Olympic sport and activity of sport organizations. We must arise the importance of regions and help sport. In the other case we won't move ahead."

The NOC of Ukraine Executive Committee discussed the problem of scholarship for students of sport institutions, the pointing of IOC award "Sport and Volunteers". Having discussed all the propositions, given by federations of athletics, boxing, basketball and yachting, NOC of Ukraine Executive Committee members made a decision to award the President of Boxing Federation Anatoliy GOLUBCHENKO who is the organizator of volunteer work on the local and international competitions.

Also the decision concerning the possible grant from the Olympic IOC Solidarity for handball team (men) for preparation for XXVIII Olympiad 2004 in Athens was made. According the NOC of Ukraine Executive Committee decision the seminar of NOC for Presidents and Secretaries General of sport federations, heads of physical culture and sport communities and regional divisions of NOC will be held in June of this year.