The meeting of sports administration with the representatives from "Lufthansa" company
05 April 2002 Share
The meeting of sports administration with the representatives from "Lufthansa" company

On the 5th of April there was the meeting of Mariya BULATOVA, the Head of Ukrainian State Committee for Sport and the Member of the NOC of Ukraine Executive Board, Ivan FEDORENKO, the President of the NOC of Ukraine, Volodymyr GERASHCHENKO, the Secretary General of the NOC of Ukraine with Antonio ÑUOÑO, General representative from "Lufthansa" and Raymond WESTMAYER, the Editor-in-Chief of "Lufthansa Seat" newspaper held at the Ukrainian State Committee for Sport. #?-:nbsp; On behalf of the State Committee for Sport, the NOC of Ukraine and all Ukrainian athletes Mariya BULATOVA expressed her sincere thanks to "Lufthansa" that has been a safe partner for a long time and closely cooperates with the abovementioned organizations. In particular, "Lufthansa" provided the transportation of Ukrainian delegation to the Games of XXVII Olympiad 2000 in Sydney as well as to the Salt-Lake 2002 XIX Winter Olympic Games.

Mariya BULATOVA pointed out, that in spite of any financial problems, which sometimes happen in sport, "Lufthansa" remained always at our disposal ready to cooperate.

Ivan FEDORENKO also thanked the partners, admitting, that life is going on and there are lots of joint work ahead, because just in 2 years the Games of XXVIII Olympiad in Athens will be held. Antonio CUOCO was very grateful for kind reception and expressed his eagerness to closely cooperate in future. "We did all our best for Ukrainian athletes in order to make their transportation as comfortable and smooth as possible. Since yesterday at the airport Boryspil we put in force the special system, that enables to make the customers service quicker."


During the meeting the topics on future cooperation i.e. taking into account the departure of Ukrainian delegation to the Athens 2004 Games were also discussed.