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On 5 July 2001 the NOC of Ukraine signed the cooperation memorandum with law firm "Yuris" and agreement with the NOC official internet service provider "Relcom-Ukraine" up to 2005. The NOC of Ukraine President Mr. Ivan Fedorenko stressed that the NOC still searched for new partners and sponsors.

That's why it is far more pleasant to feel the support of "old friends": official juridical adviser "Yuris" and official NOC internet service provider "Relcom-Ukraine".

The NOC President appreciated the firms' partnership. He pointed out that the NOC is always consulted in significant cases thanks to the cooperation with "Yuris". If it is necessary "Yuris" will represent the NOC in court. The cooperation with "Relcom-Ukraine" is also very productive. During one year of collaboration with this internet service provider the NOC created its own web-site. The NOC of Ukraine web-site is being developed and is ready to cooperate with other sport organizations lighting on their activities with the help of internet.

The President of "Yuris" Mr. Mykola Onishchuk underlined that during the period of cooperation (since 1998) he assured once more that sports were impossible without juridical support. Sports become strong property sphere with law problems of its own which must be solved in civilized way. "Yuris" took part in the development of the new edition of the NOC statute, consulted in important questions of everyday activity. But work is going on: the foundation of sport law as the subject in Ukrainian universities is taken up, the creation of internal sport arbitration for solving disputes is demanded immediate action. The civilized disputes decision is a typical feature of a democratic state, its international image. That's the reason of significance of a qualified juridical basis in sport, in sport organizations activity. General Director of "Relcom-Ukraine" Mr. Oleksiy Bursuk said that "Relcom-Ukraine" tried to establish relations with the NOC as the leading sport organization of Ukraine. "High sport results is the shortest way to improve the image of our country, and internet is the best opportunity to light on sport information all over the world". The definite outcome may be observed during the cooperation of NOC and its internet service provider "Relcom-Ukraine" (since 28 July 2000). Together with the partner the NOC of Ukraine created its developing internet site, new projects are launched. Since 15 July 2000 new Olympic quiz is set up on the NOC of Ukraine official site under support of "Relcom-Ukraine". Site gets fresh outlook, new rounds-up are created.

The NOC of Ukraine highly estimates the opportunity of cooperation with such leading Ukrainian firms as "Yuris" and "Relcom-Ukraine". A lot is done, the results of cooperation are quite clear, and much more is planned - as it is important for future of Ukrainian sport. That is why the NOC hopes for long cooperation with already known partners and is ready for collaboration with new ones.

The manager of International Hockey Federation Gabriela van Dorn visited Ukraine

27 June-4 July due to the international program of youth hockey development. The purpose of her visit was the estimation of Ukrainian hockey development and preparation of report for International Hockey Federation. During the week Mrs. van Dorn visited Youth Games in Boryspil and Vinnytsya. She also met with the authorities of Vinnytsya and Sumy Regions, Federation members and coaches.

2 July the guest met with chief-officers of NOC and State Committee of Youth Policy, Sport and Tourism of Ukraine. The chief of State Committee of Youth Policy, Sport and Tourism of Ukraine, the NOC member Mr. Valeriy Tsybuch, the NOC Vice-President Mr. Yuriy Maslachkov, the NOC Secretary General Mr. Volodymyr Gerashchenko, the NOC Executive Committee member Mr. Vladlen Kovtun (the President of Ukrainian Hockey Federation), the NOC member, Secretary General of Hockey Federation Mrs. Viktoriya Us and chief of foreign relations department of State Committee of Youth Policy, Sport and Tourism of Ukraine Mr. Valeriy Zhulyaev took part in the meeting. The problem of Ukrainian hockey development was discussed. Mrs. Gabriela van Dorn stressed at the positive attitude to hockey of Vinnytsya authorities, good quality of hockey field in the city.

The visit of IHF manager in Ukraine is connected with the readiness of International Hockey Federation to provide our federation with artificial covering for hockey field.

21 July Ukrainian sport delegation chaired by NOC Vice-President Mr. Yuriy Maslaschkov departs to Spain to participate in VI Summer European Youth Olympic Days in Murcia, Spain (22-27 July 2001). The delegation consists of 48 persons, including 30 athletes. Ukrainian athletes will be represented in 4 kinds of sport: gymnastics (3 athletes), swimming (11 athletes), athletics (8 athletes), judo (8 athletes).

The NOC of Ukraine provides our delegation with full financial support for participating in these competitions and hopes for successful results.

At the end of June 2001 Sevastopol Regional Division of NOC held the meeting of its Olympic Council. The plan of Division activity was approved in the meeting. "Olympic Day Run" holding and Sevastopol athletes preparation to the forthcoming Summer Olympic Games in Athens 2004 were also discussed.

In June 2001 Lugansk Regional Division of NOC took an active part in "Olympic Day Run" holding in the region. It played an important role in organizing I Summer Regional Country Sport Games that became a new form of sport activity in the country. Regional Division organized press conference devoted to the problem of mountaineering development in the region. The certificates were also presented to the sportsmen-scholars of Division.

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