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1st Assembly of European Athletes was held in Rome on 14-15 June 2001. The representatives of 38 NOCs took part in the Assembly.

NOC of Ukraine was represented by IOC Member Sergiy Bubka and Secretary General Volodymyr Gerashchenko. Three main topics were discussed:
  • the problem of doping and permitted food supplements;
  • the problem of athletes over-training and overload;
  • the problem of athletes social adaptation after the end of carrier. The elections of EOC Athletic Commission were also held. Sergiy Bubka was elected to the Commission. Later on the Commission Members elected Sergiy Bubka the Chairman of the Athletic Commission.

    The NOC of Ukraine chief office-holders organized the meeting with Presidents and General Secretaries of National Sport Federations and chiefs of sport societies on 20 June 2001 in Kyiv. A number of important topics was discussed at the meeting.

    The President Ivan Fedorenko reported on main activities of the NOC of Ukraine and cooperation with Sport Federations. The President stated that one of most important problems is the TV coverage of sports events, as the majority of Ukrainian competitions is held on sporting grounds unavailable for the TV coverage. Also Ivan Fedorenko stressed the necessity of the preparation of professional medical staff and referees. He announced about the mobile medical laboratory creation which may be used for needs of all federations and athletes. It was reported about the formation of the working group for the preparation to the Olympic Games in Athens-2004.

    The NOC Secretary General Volodymyr Gerashchenko informed the participants about rendering the assistance to National Sport Federations with the financial support from Olympic Solidarity programs. He stressed the importance of the cooperation between Sport Federations and respective international sports organizations that must contribute to the further development of sports in Ukraine.

    The Vice-President Yuriy Maslachkov paid much attention to the preparation of Olympic reserves and noticed that European Summer and Winter Youth Olympic Days (Festivals) patronized by IOC and EOC are one of the most important preparatory stages to the Olympic Games. The NOC of Ukraine provides our athletes with full support at the preparation to these competitions.

    Galyna Nechayeva - Editor-in-chief of "Olimpiyska Arena" magazine, the NOC of Ukraine edition, suggested the cooperation with Sport Federations, providing them with informational space to represent own activity on pages of this magazine. The magazine plans to come out monthly that's why such kind of cooperation should positively influence on the knowledge of sport fans in Ukraine.

    The seminar participants considered the meeting as the essential step to the enforcement of cooperation between the NOC of Ukraine and sport organizations as the necessary stage to solve existing problems and foresee probable difficulties.

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