18 June 2001 Share

On 24th of May 2001 the NOC of Ukraine Executive Committee chaired by NOC President Ivan Fedorenko met in Kyiv. The NOC President reported about the NOC of Ukraine delegation meeting with the International Olympic Committee President Juan Antonio Samaranch.

The NOC Executive Committee considered the activity of Kyiv and Rivne Regional Divisions, their contribution to the popularization of Olympic movement, providing Olympians and sports veterans with financial support, the preparation of Olympic reserves.

Rivne Regional Division of NOC achieved obvious results during the period of its existence (since 7th of December 1999). It provided athletes with full support for the preparation to the Games of XXVII Olympiad in Sydney, it was also involved in several activities, namely: "Olympic Lesson" was held in cooperation with education department, competition "Future Olympian, Who Are You?" was organized with local authorities. During the year 2000 Regional Division of NOC initiated "Olympic Day Run" in all districts and towns of the region. "Small Olympic Games" among kindergarten teams were organized in Rivne during 'Day of Physical Culture and Sport" celebration on 9th of June 2000. In future such games are planned to become traditional that will contribute to the popularization of Olympism and healthy way of life. During this year the contest for the best sketch devoted to Olympic topic among schools of arts of the region is being held. Three athletes prepare to the forthcoming Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City 2002. They are T. Kozachenko, A. Kushnir, V.Donat (freestyle, acrobatics). The schedules of the preparation are approved, necessary conditions are created for the sportsmen.

The most noticeable results are achieved in the organization of cooperation with authorities and public sport organizations, conducting of educational activity among pupils and students. The NOC of Ukraine will provide Regional Divisions with full support.

The NOC of Ukraine hopes that such activity will be held in all regions of Ukraine and the same results will be achieved.

The NOC summarized Ukrainian team performance in V Winter European Youth Olympic Days in Vuokatti (Finland) 10-16 of March 2001. The preparation to the forthcoming VI Summer European Youth Olympic Days in Murcia (Spain) 22-27 of July 2001 was discussed.

A number of important resolutions were accepted at the meeting. It was decided to hold "Olympic Day Run" in Ukraine on 23 of June 2001 and "Olympic Week". NOC of Ukraine Regional Divisions have to play an important role in the organization and holding of these arrangements. Different sport competitions, contests, conferences devoted to the Olympism, exhibitions, meetings with outstanding sportsmen and Olympic movement figures are planned in the program. The arrangements of 10th anniversary of Ukraine independence celebrating were also accepted.

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