Youth Olympic Games are over
26 August 2010 Share
Youth Olympic Games are over

Today the first-ever Youth Olympic Games was declared closed in Singapore. 3 522 athletes (1846 boys and 1676 girls) aged 14-18 were delegated to the Games by 204 countries of the world.

Within 12 days young athletes competed in 26 Olympic sports for 201 sets of medals.

Ukraine was represented at that prestigious competition by 55 young Olympians who competed in 18 sports and have won 35 medals including 10 gold, 9 silver and 16 bronze.

A number of our athletes will bring home several awards at once. Thus, the real heroes of the Youth Olympiad became a gymnast Oleg Stepko, who has won two gold and two silver medals and a two times Olympic champion in swimming Andriy Govorov. And his teammate Daryna Zevina "collected" a complete set of medals. Anastasia Spas (modern pentathlon), Oleksandr Bondar (diving), Anatoly Melnyk (kayak and canoe), Ksenia Darchuk (judo) are brining home a collection of two medals from Singapore.

However, in addition to sports program of the Games the young athletes participated in the exciting events of Cultural and Educational program, which distinguishes the Youth Olympic Games from the traditional one – for "adults". Aiming to unite young people around the Olympic principles of Perfection, Friendship and Respect as well as to help young athletes succeed in sport and in life, the International Olympic Committee in cooperation with the SYOGOC has developed seven interesting formats of this program, which participants were all Olympians without exception.

Champions and prize winners of the Ist Summer Youth Olympic Games
(Singapore, 2010)

Total 35 medals including 10 gold, 9 silver and 16 bronze

1. Daryna ZEVINA - swimming (100m backstroke)
2. Andriy GOVOROV - swimming (50m freestyle), (50m butterfly)
3. Oleksandr SATIN - trampoline
4. Oleg STEPKO – artistic gymnastics (pommel horse), (parallel bars)
5. Igor LYASHCHENKO - Athletics (10 km walk)
6. Kateryna DERUN - athletics (javelin)
7. Denys KUSHNIROV - shooting (air pistol, 10m)
8. Anastasia SPAS - Modern Pentathlon (Mixed Relay)

Silver Medalists:
1. Oleksandr LYTVYNOV - Greco-Roman wrestling (58 kg)
2. Iryna ROMOLDANOVA - taekwondo (53 kg)
3. Natalia KOVAL’OVA - rowing (1x)
4. Oleg STEPKO – artistic gymnastics (all-around) (freestyle exercises)
5. Daryna ZEVINA - swimming (50m, backstroke)
6. Anatoly MELNYK - canoe (sprint)
7. Oleksandr BONDAR - diving (3m springboard), (10m platform)

Bronze Medalists:
1. Karina STANKOVA - female wrestling (70 kg)
2. Daryna ZEVINA - swimming (200m, backstroke)
3. Maksym DOMINISHYN - taekwondo (73 kg)
4. Kostiantyn REVA - weightlifting (85 kg)
5. Anastasia SPAS - Modern Pentathlon
6. Dmytro ATANOV - Judo (55 kg)
7. Anna SHELEH - Athletics (pole vault)
8. Viktor CHERNYSH - athletics (high jump)
9. Serhii KULISH - shooting (air rifle, 10m)
10. Ganna ALEKSANDROVA - athletics (triple jump)
11. Olena KOLESNYCHENKO - athletics (400 m hurdles)
12. Ksenia DARCHUK - Judo (78kg) (mixed team)
13. Oksana RAITA - athletics (2000m steeplechase)
14. Viktoria POTEKHINA - diving (3m springboard)
15. Anatoly MELNYK - canoe (slalom)


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