NOC of Ukraine and UNICEF will join forces to help children
20 June 2013 Share

Today, on June 20th, the NOC of Ukraine President Mr. Sergey Bubka and the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) Representative to Ukraine Ms. Yukie Mokuo have signed a Memorandum of Understanding.

«I am pleased to sign this document, which certifies that NOC of Ukraine has found a reliable partner with a worldwide reputation and who shares our activities and goals», - said Mr. Sergey Bubka.

It is no secret that the major problem in the world today is the health of young generation, their passive and sedentary lifestyle. Incidentally, this is the reason why International Olympic Committee has decided to hold the Youth Olympic Games, which would include not only sports, but also cultural and educational programs. As a result, starting from that early age, the unique and universal Olympic values are being promoted.

National Olympic Committee of Ukraine on its part is not standing on the sidelines, but is rather a leader in the fields of establishment and implementation of unique social projects for children.

Among many is «Olympic Day», which is now popular in all regions of our country, starting from the central squares of our regional centers and ending with children's camps, park zones and small playgrounds in the rural areas. Another NOC project is «Olympic lesson», which is held throughout the year in the schools of our country. Within the all-Ukrainian projects «Olympic Book» and «Olympic Corner» 20,000 schools and over 230,000 classes in Ukraine have been provided with Olympic literature and sports equipment.

Recently the NOC of Ukraine has held the Final of III all-Ukrainian sport-mass event for children «Olympic Stork» at the International Children's Center "Artek".

«These projects have one goal and that is to attract young generation to a healthy lifestyle by offering them an interesting and modern alternative to sitting in front of a computer and other addictions» - said the NOC of Ukraine President.

«I am very pleased that UNICEF Ukraine joins efforts with National Olympic Committee of Ukraine to raise public awareness of the importance of protecting children's rights, their physical education and cultural development. This partnership will focus on the promotion of the Olympic values along with the importance of protection of children's rights, especially those who are most socially vulnerable. Sport is an important platform for children's physical and spiritual education as well as building a society without discrimination and violence. We look forward to future joint sports activities to better the lives of children in Ukraine»- said Ms. Yukie Mokuo.

«I am confident that through our close cooperation we will successfully resolve common problems, for together we can more effectively provide children with a happy, active, athletic, and most importantly - healthy life» - said Mr. Sergey Bubka.

The MOU will be valid until December 31, 2016 and will include interaction and participation of both parties in various activities and projects.

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