Sergey Bubka was greeted in Chicago with ovations
27 August 2013 Share
Sergey Bubka was greeted in Chicago with ovations

At the invitation of the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America, Ukrainian National Olympic Committee President, IOC Executive Board Member Sergey Bubka visited Chicago where among one of the largest Ukrainian diaspora communities he took part in the celebration of the Independence Day of Ukraine.

Olympic Champion and World record holder in pole vaulting visited the reception organized in his honor at the Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art, where he delivered before a large audience from the stage of the 30th anniversary of the "Ukrainian Days".

The participants welcomed the legend of Ukrainian sports and loud standing ovation.

"We are deeply grateful to all of you for your permanent support and care that Ukrainian athletes always feel, - said Sergey Bubka. - I remember Olympics in Atlanta-1996, which were the first Summer Games for independent Ukrainian team. Only with the support of Ukrainian diaspora our Olympians have got appropriate training and good participation at the Olympics. We felt your attention and help during Olympic Games in Salt Lake City and Vancouver. We highly appreciate the contribution of Mrs. Larissa Barabash-Temple, who deservedly one of the first received the highest award of the Olympic Movement Ukraine - Order of the National Olympic Committee. We remember the great help and sincere hearts of Mr. Stakh Gaba and Mr. Myron Stebelsky and many, many others. I am confident that together we can do a lot of good things for the development of Ukrainian and world Olympic movement".

Sergey Bubka thanked the diaspora who passes Ukrainian culture, language and traditions from generation to generation. "If you do not remember the past – you do not have the future", - he said and added that he is proud to be Ukrainian.