Ukraine joins the World Curling family
04 September 2013 Share
Ukraine joins the World Curling family

4 September 2013, Copenhagen, Denmark - Members of the World Curling Federation (WCF) voted for adoption of Ukrainian Association of Curling into their ranks. The voting took place during the II Annual World Curling Congress held on 2 September in Copenhagen (Denmark). Israel and Georgia have also become the members of World Curling Federation together with Ukraine, according to the

Israel and Ukraine have previously been members of WCF: Israel in 1999-2008 and Ukraine – in 2003-2007.

Kate Caithness, the President of World Curling Federation, greeted Ukraine in the Curling Family: "The World Curling Federation welcomes the Ukrainian Curling Federation into the World Curling family. The WCF recognises the great potential for the development of our sport in Ukraine and looks forward to supporting Ukraine's work in growing curling."

Oleksandr Kucheriaviy, Sports Director of NGO Olympic Hope noted that it is going to take some time before Ukrainian athletes will start winning medals. "The primary focus for us will be the development of curling which is becoming more popular each day. We also need to focus on raising the awareness of Ukrainians about this sport. Curling is interesting to play and watch, and the age range of those who practice it is as wide as in golf. Curling is nowadays played in more than 50 countries worldwide, including Australia, New Zealand and Brazil. And Ukraine has great potential for the development of this sport", - stressed Kucheriaviy.

The schedules of play for the curling competition at the Olympic Winter Games and wheelchair curling competition at the Paralympic Winter Games have been released during the Congress. It was also announced that the World Women's Curling Championship in 2015 has been awarded to the city of Sapporo on the northern island of Hokkaido in Japan.

The 3rd Annual World Curling Congress will take place at the Peppermill Resort, Reno, Nevada, USA from 4-8 September 2014. The 2014 WCF Annual General Assembly will be on the 7 September.

Note to Editors

The World Curling Federation (WCF) is the international sport federation governing the Olympic winter sport of curling and the Paralympic winter sport of wheelchair curling. The WCF is one of seven International Sports Federations currently part of the Winter Olympic programme. It represents 53 Member Associations and is generally acknowledged to direct one of the fastest-growing international winter sports.

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