Piotr Lisek is the winner of the pole vault competition “Pole Vault in Maidan”
16 September 2013 Share
Piotr Lisek is the winner of the pole vault competition “Pole Vault in Maidan”

For the sixth time the competition of pole vault stars took place in Kyiv, which is held at the initiative of the NOC of Ukraine President Sergey Bubka. It’s included in the official calendar of events of the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF).

It was exciting sport event for the athletes and spectators despite of the rainy weather.

There were eleven athletes from five countries who took part in the competition, in particular from Latvia, Germany, Poland, Russia and Ukraine.

The competition started from the first fixed height 4,8 m. Only one athlete didn't manage to reach it – Jonas Efferoth, Germany.

The other 10 participants have demonstrated that they are ready to show serious struggle and good results. It is worth to mention that the athletes were watched and supported by Sergey Bubka, the famous athlete, Olympic Champion and 35 times world record-holder.

Detailed course of events was available through a text broadcast on Twitter at http://twitter.com/OlympicUA.

Three athletes reached the final stage of the competition: Michel Frauen from Germany, Piotr Lisek from Poland and Vladyslav Revenko from Ukraine.

These athletes conquered the height 5,3 m, though each of them was trying to reach 5,4 m.

The winner was determined according to the number of attempts. As a result, Piotr Lisek (Poland) took the 1st place, the 2nd place was taken by Michel Frauen (Germany) and the 3rd place, as it was last year, – by Vladyslav Revenko (Ukraine).

According to the champion and the medal winners of the competition they have got a great pleasure. The athletes expressed their gratitude to the public for its support despite the bad weather.

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