Sergey Bubka discussed cooperation with UNICEF
25 October 2013 Share
Sergey Bubka discussed cooperation with UNICEF

Today at the Olympic House President of the National Olympic Committee Sergey Bubka met with the Head of Children's Fund in Ukraine (UNICEF ) Mrs.Yukie Mokou and discussed areas of cooperation between the NOC and the International organization.

Just to remind you that in summer, Mrs.Yukie Mokuo and Sergey Bubka signed a Memorandum of Understanding. Today's meeting was devoted to particular joint steps for involving Ukrainian children to a healthy lifestyle and protecting their health.

In particular, the Head of Children's Fund emphasized on lack of iodine in a child's body, that affects his/her intellectual development, weakens physical health and athletic performance due to constant tiredness and low fortitude.

"The National Olympic Committee of Ukraine has always stood for involvement of children in a healthy and active lifestyle," Sergey Bubka said. "A number of projects that we organize every year pursue this aim. UNICEF has the same aims. Therefore, we are happy to support every initiative and idea; this project will help us to grow a healthy generation."

Mrs.Yukie Mokuo said that in more than 130 countries worldwide the salt iodization is a necessary step. By joining forces with the National Olympic Committee, UNICEF plans to inform the public about the danger of the lack of iodine for health and development of children.

"The NOC of Ukraine carries out many actions aimed primarily at children: Olympic Day, Olympic lesson, Olympic stork and others," Mrs. Yukie Mokuo said. These projects will help us to spread to a wide range of the young Ukrainian generation and their parents that the use of iodized salt will help them to be smart and strong. I am grateful to Sergey Bubka for cooperation and sure that together we will achieve great results."

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