SERGEY BUBKA: «Sports is a unique opportunity for everybody»
13 January 2014 Share
SERGEY BUBKA: «Sports is a unique opportunity for everybody»

Ukrainian NOC President, IOC Executive Board Member Sergey Bubka arrived to Philippines on Sunday, January 12th, to participate in the Olympic Council of Asia’s General Assembly in Manila this week.

"Sports is a unique opportunity for everybody," Bubka told reporters during a press lunch on Sunday. "While travelling all over the world on Olympic Movement issues, I always try to encourage kids to involve in different sports particularly in athletics, the best sports."

"Sport can build a strong character, create healthy lifestyle, and achieve their goals, so I like to see the women of the Philippines and women of other Asian countries to take part in any kind of sports activities," – he said.

On the eve of the meeting Bubka, who is also Vice President of the IAAF, was welcomed by the Philippine Track and Field Association (PATAFA) President Go Teng Kok and Chairman Philip Ella Juico.

'The Philippines must strengthen its grassroots programs particularly in athletics', Ukrainian pole vault legend said quoted by 'The Manila Times', major Philippines newspaper.

Go, PATAFA President told 'The Manila Times' reporter that 50-year-old Bubka proposed his assistance in sending Philippine athletics team and coaches for a training camp in Italy this year.

"Mr. Bubka always makes his best to help athletes from various countries particularly in the Asian region because he is really dedicated to promote athletics", Go is quoted.