NOC increases its staff social protection
27 January 2014 Share
NOC increases its staff social protection

National Olympic Committee continues the systematic support program of the Olympic movement entities.

For many years NOC of Ukraine provides with financial assistance Ukrainian Olympians, their coaches, sports veterans and national federations of Olympic sports and sports society by paying the relevant scholarships and grants. Also NOC continues supporting sport professionals in various sports by seminars to improve their skills and it continues working on the development of the Olympic movement in regions to improve the efficiency of regional Olympic branches.

The next step in this systematic policy is to improve NOC staff social protection. "Human resources are the most significant factor in the success of any organization. Health insurance as a part of the social package of employees is not a new trend in the world today. We aim to make the lives of our employees comfortable, and this leads that all their energy will be focused on sport and the Olympic movement developing, but not on thinking what to do in case of illness, and how to pay for their treatment. Insurance of NOC staff enables to create more efficient and motivated team", - said Ukrainian NOC President Sergey Bubka.

An appropriate health insurance program was developed together with the general partner of NOC of Ukraine - one of the leading Ukrainian insurance companies «UNISON–GARANT». Thus, supporting good practice of the most successful international and national institutions, NOC aspire to provide the workers with the social protection while increasing the effectiveness of NOC in development of the Olympic movement in Ukraine.