Ukraine Olympic Team continues to participate in the XXII Winter Olympic Games in Sochi
20 February 2014 Share
Ukraine Olympic Team continues to participate  in the XXII Winter Olympic Games in Sochi

Ukraine National Olympic Committee President Sergey Bubka has pledged that athletes will continue to participate at the XXII Winter Olympic Games in Sochi after holding meetings with some of the athletes following the tragic events occurring in Ukraine.

Athletes who still have competitions scheduled will remain in the Olympic villages, while those who finished their competition program will return to Ukraine as planned.

Bubka said: "We are deeply concerned about the tragic events and violence in Ukraine. Every member of the Olympic team takes it very personally. The Ukraine Olympic team will continue to participate in Sochi and hopefully raise the spirits of our compatriots back home.

"I share the common view that athletes who are representing Ukraine at the 2014 Winter Olympic Games are promoting the mission to unite our nation at this horrifying time."

Olympic alpine skier Bohdana Matsotska, who performed in the Super Combined race at the Games, along with her coach Oleh Matsotsky, expressed their personal intention to withdraw from slalom competitions on February 21.

Bubka met Matsotska and Matsotsky on Thursday (February 20) where everyone shared their sadness and condolences in relation to events currently occurring in Ukraine. He sympathised with the athlete and her coach, who confirmed their plan to stop competing in the Winter Olympics in response to the violence in Ukraine.

Bohdana and Matsotsky fully understand the intention of other Ukrainian athletes to continue competing at the Games. They plan to stay in Sochi until the closing ceremony to support their colleagues, in particular the women's biathlon team whom they hope will win the relay race for the glory of Ukraine.

The Ukraine Olympic team once more expresses deep condolence to all the victims of the unrest in our country. Ukrainian athletes mourn along with their countrymen and are hanging black ribbons at the national flags in the Olympic villages.