Turkey’s Athletics Federation president visited Olympic House in Kyiv
18 June 2014 Share
Turkey’s Athletics Federation president visited Olympic House in Kyiv

Mr Fatih Cintimar, President of the Turkey’s Athletics Federation, along with Alper Kasapoglu, World Olympians Association Board member, met Sergey Bubka, who is Ukraine’ NOC President, at his office at the Ukrainian Olympic House in Kyiv.

Bubka and his guests discussed the issues of involvement youth to sport, support of the national federations, sharing experience between the international sport organizations and launching the cooperation projects for the advance of some sports. Mr Cintimar mentioned several projects of Ukraine NOC as unique initiatives which are to be included to the Turkey's educational system for the promotion of athletics in the country.

Mr Kasapoglu commented on how Ukraine NOC cares about the retired athletes, saying, «Mr Bubka as a former star athlete and successful sport administrator advocating athletes' in the IOC, IAAF and ASOIF is the best example of how retired stars get a chance to serve sport».

Sergey Bubka seized an opportunity to invite his guests to Kyiv on September 6th when the annual Olympic Lesson, one of Ukraine NOC flagship projects, will be opened and «Pole Vault at Maidan» meeting will be held. The invitation was accepted.

Sergey Bubka accompanied his guests at the meeting with Ukraine's Minister of Sport and Youth Dmytro Bulatov and country's Athletics Federation president Ihor Hotsul. Mr Cintimar and Mr Kasapoglu also visited NSC «Olympiysky» – one of the oldest Europe's sport venues which celebrated its 90th anniversary in 2013. They attended the Klitchko brothers' exhibition inside the arena exploring the unique showpieces of Ukraine boxing greats and watching multimedia show «A story of dream».

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