Sergey Bubka took part in the discussion over the Olympic Agenda 2020
25 June 2014 Share
Sergey Bubka took part in the discussion  over the Olympic Agenda 2020

Sergey Bubka, Ukrainian NOC President, IOC Executive Board member and IAAF Vice-President, took part in the meeting of the ‘Sustainability and Legacy’ working group of the Olympic Agenda 2020 at the IOC Headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland.

IOC President Mr. Thomas Bach was a participant of the meeting.

The discussion unfolded over five key themes: the uniqueness of the Olympic Games, athletes at the heart of the Olympic Movement, Olympism in action, the IOC's role and IOC structure and organization.

Sergey Bubka commented over the meeting, saying "It was a meaningful and effective discussion over the growth directions of the Olympic Movement. Life is changing quickly, so our movement should keep up with the times, being at the forefront of the progress of humanity. We discussed a wide variety of themes including the better balance of the Games' organization expenses, environmental issues, the post-Games use of the infrastructure, as well as the promotion of the unique legacy of the Games for those who host, who compete and who observe".

Bubka informed that the ideas and initiatives generated and discussed by the 'Sustainability and Legacy' working group participants would be presented at he IOC Executive Board meeting in July.

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