Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk met Ukraine star athletes
26 June 2014 Share
Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk met Ukraine star athletes

Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk met a group of Ukrainian star athletes, including Olympic, world and European medallists and their coaches.

Sergey Bubka, Ukraine NOC President, Sport and Youth Minister Dmytro Bulatov also attended the meeting.

Mr Yatsenyuk recognized that athletes prove with their achievements that Ukrainian nation is capable to be victorious. He said in his welcome address, 'Your performances demonstrate mental strength and self-belief which is so needed now for our nation. I also know that the way to win is long and tricky. While overcoming the barriers you win – and Ukraine wins along with you'.

Prime Minister also praised the athletes who demonstrate the capability to succeed, saying 'While experiencing very difficult times Ukraine is proud of you – real heroes'.

Sergey Bubka made his answering speech on behalf of the Olympic family of Ukraine giving thanks to Prime Minister for the support of sport and Olympic Movement, saying 'Athletes are the best diplomats and advocates of Ukraine in the world. I could mention the historical success of our women's biathlon relay team at the 2014 Olympics. Juliya Dzhyma, Vita and Valentina Semerenko and Olena Pidhrushna dedicated their Olympic win to the people of Ukraine while IOC President Thomas Bach mentioned it as a standout moment of the 2014 Winter Games'. He joined Prime Minister in sending message of gratitude to the athletes whose accomplishments unite the nation.

Bubka also informed Mr Yatsenyuk of the support given to the Ukrainian athletes by the international sport institutions. Both IOC and EOC sent their positive responses for Ukraine NOC's requests last month donating $400 000 in total to guarantee the participation of Ukrainian athletes in the international competition circle, as well as a financial aid for the athletes from the country's eastern regions.

Bubka also said that Ukraine's NOC continues to fulfil its obligations and carries out every project launched. He commented, 'The recent Olympic day celebration took place successfully at every Ukraine's city including troublesome Donetsk and Luhansk'.

Mr Yatsenyuk handed the Government awards to two dozens of athletes who won their medals earlier in 2014. Juliya Dzyma, member of the winning Olympic 2014 biathlon relay, and Ukraine biathlon federation's President Mr Volodymyr Brynzak thanked Prime Minister for the words of support.