Yukie Mokuo visited Olympic House in Kyiv
27 June 2014 Share
Yukie Mokuo visited Olympic House in Kyiv

Sergey Bubka, Ukraine NOC President, IAAF Vice-President and IOC EB Member met Yukie Mokuo who has just retired from the position of the Head of UNICEF in Ukraine.

Mrs. Mokuo informed Mr Bubka about the end of her mission in Ukraine and her new destination in Kyrgyzstan where she will also work for local UNICEF office.

Honorary guest spoke on the effective cooperation between Ukraine NOC and UNICEF Ukraine during her tenure as a head of office. She said, «The priority mission of the UNICEF is to improve the life of children and families, while our mail value is human health. You can't make community healthy and harmonious without active lifestyle, physical activity and sport. This is the point where the areas of the NOC and UNICEF intercross. I really hope my successors at the UNICEF Ukraine office will continue the close cooperation with the National Olympic Committee while I will do my best at the new office to promote these ideas».

Mr. Bubka and Mrs. Mokuo discussed the NOC's efforts to support the refugees in Ukraine, giving the most attention to the kids. Bubka informed Yukie Mokuo the NOC consistently carry out all the projects launched despite the difficult situation. Bubka commented, «We continue the support of the NOC local offices and national federations, as well as pushing forward our annual projects like Olympic Day, Olympic lesson and Olympic stork. Ukraine NOC has also launches a new project for the support of the children from the Eastern regions and Crimea. This project is another area where NOC and UNICEF could join their efforts».

Sergey Bubka underlined the importance of promotion of the values and philosophy of sport in the difficult times Ukraine experiences now. He told Mrs. Mokuo about the underprivileged kids from the East of Ukraine who were invited at the Olympic Day celebration in Kyiv. Other good news was that NOC regional offices in L'viv, Mykolaiv, Kherson, Dnipropetrovs'k and Zaporizhzhya organized stations to collect wear and other everyday necessities for the refugees from the East, helping also to provide housing for the kids at the health resorts and to employ the athletes and coaches from the combat zones.

Bubka commented, «It is even more important than ever to help those who need help. I and my colleagues do everything possible for every kid to feel himself an integral part of the harmonious and healthy Ukrainian nation».

Mrs Mokuo added later in Twitter «Indeed thank you so much @sergey_bubka Our cooperation is most memorable and means so much for #children wish great future #sport4children».


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