Olha Kharlan received record eighth award as the best Ukraine’s athlete of the month
07 August 2014 Share
Olha Kharlan received record eighth award as the best Ukraine’s athlete of the month

The award ceremony for the July 2014 country’s best athlete took place in ‘Koncha Zaspa’ national Olympic centre during the meeting of Ukraine’s sport executives with the Youth Olympic team departing to Nanjing for the Summer II Youth Olympics.

NOC President Sergey Bubka along with NOC Vice-president and Kyiv Major Vitaly Klitchko handed the 'Best country's athlete of July 2014' award to Olha Kharlan.

For country's most prolific fencer, 2008 Olympic gold medallist in team and individual bronze medallist of 2012, the award has become record eighth – none of Ukraine's athletes managed to win more since the establishment of the award in 2005.

In July Olha Kharlan won her second individual gold medal and helped Team Ukraine to win bronze medal at the FIE Fencing World Championships in Kazan, Russia.

Sergey Bubka said after handing the award to Kharlan, that the ceremony had deep symbolic meaning. 'Let me remind that Olya won the Olympic gold medal while being 17 years old – the same age as many of our youth Olympians who would compete in Nanjing at the II Summer Youth Games. By the way it happened in China as well'.

Bubka also mentioned that Olha is not only outstanding professional athlete but great patriot and a role model as well. He added, 'I wish Olha's personal experience to inspire you, young people, to perform well at your first Olympic Games'.

Sergey Bubka and Vitaly Klitchko also delivered an award to Kharlan's coach Artem Skorokhod who gained the reputation of one of the most promising sports' coaches. Vadym Gutzait Ukraine National fencing federation vice president and 1992 Olympic gold medallist, received an award for the Federation. Gutzait responded with gratitude to the Ukraine NOC for the continuing assistance for the athletes, saying 'Every our victory is a result of the team work including either athletes, coaches, NOC and Sport Ministry administrators. Effective cooperation is a reason for our successes'.