Sergey Bubka visited Marrakesh
09 August 2014 Share
Sergey Bubka visited Marrakesh

Sergey Bubka, who is an IOC Executive Board member, IAAF Vice President and NOC of Ukraine President took part at the Confederation of African Athletics’ 25th Congress at the invitation of the organization’s President Colonel Hamad Kalkaba. The event takes place in Marrakesh, Morocco, on August 8-9, on the eve of African Athletics Championships kicking off at the Stade de Marrakesh on Sunday.

The participants of the Congress who represented 53 African nations provided very fruitful and comprehensive discussion on the sports' development strategy and promotion of the athletics for young generation. New options for cooperation between national federations, coaches and athlete were discussed, as well as plans to include athletics lessons into the educational programs.

The Congress payed maximum attention to the measures for helping young athletes to stay away from doping, as well as for protecting them from pushing of nationality switch. The athletics' infrastructure development projects and the optimization of transport expenditures were in the limelight of the Congress sessions.

Sergey Bubka had meetings with Morocco's sport and political administrators. He also met IAAF President Lamine Diack and other continent's federations.

Speaking to media in Marrakesh, Bubka commented 'I would like thank my colleagues from CAA and IAAF for the discussion which brought us much closer to understanding the future of our sport. It is obvious for me that Africa has great potential in athletics. IAAF would make everything possible to help the continent to find balance between the advance and developing nations in terms of development of sport. Africa must and will grow bringing new great global champions and promoting athletics both through the continent and globally. I believe Africa will host IAAF World Championship very soon – CAA and all African athletics family worth it, you have experience, you are able to deliver and you know how to make the dream come true'.