NOCs of Ukraine and Algeria signed the Memorandum of Cooperation
09 September 2014 Share
NOCs of Ukraine and Algeria  signed the Memorandum of Cooperation

Ukraine NOC signed the Memorandum of Cooperation with Algerian National Olympic Committee thus continuing its policy of cooperation for promoting Olympic movement and exchanging experience with partner institutions all over the globe.

Sergey Bubka and Mustapha Berraf, the Presidents of two NOCs, affixed their signatures at the Ukraine NOC headquarters in Kyiv.

Ammar Bouras, Algeria NOC Senior Vice President, Salah Bouchina, Algeria NOC Secretary General and Mr. Djamel AOUCHICHE, Second Secretary, Embassy of Algeria in Ukraine, took part in the signing of the Memorandum, as well as Valery Korol, Ukraine's Chamber of Commerce and Industry Vice President, and Evhen Kurulenko, Chamber President's Assistant.

The parties declared their firm intention to strengthen relations between two nations in the sport issues including exchange of knowledge athletes' preparation systems, healthcare, promotion of healthy lifestyle and hosting sport events.

The Memorandum includes the possibilities for exchange experience between athletes and coaches, joint sessions in the training camps, competitions' participation. The cooperation within the 'Sport for All' projects, as well as in the doping-prevention programmes is planned.

Sergey Bubka, who is also IOC Executive Board member and IAAF Vice President, said at the ceremony, 'Algeria is proud of amazing victorious traditions in athletics, boxing, judo, football and numerous other sports. Ukraine is ready to cooperate including national federations into the process. Ukraine NOC is eager to share our achievements for unique projects of promotion of the Olympic movement into the everyday life. The activities like 'Olympic Lesson', 'Olympic Stork', 'Sport heroes of the Year' and many others are useful for our colleagues. We can also share the experience of operating the network of the NOC regional departments and cooperation with national federations'.

The NOC of Algeria presented their 'Olympic Camp' project for young elite Olympic athletes. Bubka welcomed his colleagues' experience as a possibility for the medalists of the II Summer YOG to continue their preparation for the elite sport.

Bubka also praised the active cooperation of Algeria NOC with the country's Olympic Academy in promotion of sport and healthy lifestyle for youth. He said, 'We also have the similar experience publishing great number of unique Olympic-oriented literature. This is another sphere where the possibilities of effective cooperation open for both NOCs, and even more – it may and will surely be useful for other NOCs all over the world'.

Mr Mustapha Berraf, Algeria NOC President, commented at the ceremony, 'It is a great honour for us to establish the long-termed effective cooperation with our colleagues from Ukraine. Your country is one of world's sport great nations while Ukraine NOC is well known for its activity in promotion of sports.

The 70% of 40 mln Algeria's population are young people. It is a good objective for us to us your experience, as well as Ukraine's coaches' knowledge for athletes' preparation. Algeria has good sport potential but we feel lack of high skilled coaches in many sports'.

Mr Berraf added, 'We developed a detailed programme of cooperation. We also clearly declare the support of Ukraine and its Olympic movement. I admire great sport traditions of Ukraine and personally Sergey Bubka, nation's charismatic hero, a true example of humanism and bringing the Olympic ideals to life. I wish Ukraine and its people all the best'.

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