NOC maintains partnership with Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
12 September 2014 Share
NOC maintains partnership with Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The Memorandum of Cooperation between Ukraine NOC and Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry was signed the Presidents of both organizations, Sergey Bubka and Gennady Chizhikov respectively, on Wednesday, September 11th, in NOC headquarter in Kyiv during the Executive Board’s meeting.

Memorandum provides conditions for initiating joint discussions, conferences, forums, sport events. It also provides cooperation for numerous NOC projects including the installation of Ukraine's House at the Olympic and European Games, activities for international representation of nation's achievements in sport, culture and economy. The sides also decides to make efforts to create The Walk Of Fame for the sports of Ukraine in Kyiv.

Sergey Bubka addressed to the NOC EB meeting's participants in regard to the document saying, 'After the number of contacts and negotiations between the officials of the NOC and the Chamber we came to the point that we have a lot of areas for joint programmes and activities. We then make a reasonable decision to formalize our cooperation'.

Bubka added that the support of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry will provide new possibilities for promotion of the Olympic movement and ideals. He said, 'Healthy lifestyle should become the leading philosophy for the whole nation including people who are involved in the economical area, industry and commerce'.

Gennady Chizhikov confirmed that the Chamber of Commerce and Industry has a lot in common with Ukraine NOC. Mr President said, 'Our activity is aimed for active, patriotic and motivated people. We thus share the values of the Olympic movement, supporting and promoting healthy living and bring up the generations of the responsible strong-minded sport oriented citizens of Ukraine'.

Sergey Bubka, who is also IOC Executive Board member and IAAF Vice President, resumed the ceremony saying, 'I look forward to our cooperation which could help to attract new partners for the sake of sport of Ukraine and Olympic movement'.