Sergey Bubka visited Bulgaria
21 October 2014 Share
Sergey Bubka visited Bulgaria

Sergey Bubka, NOC of Ukraine President, IOC Executive Board Member and IAAF Vice President, attended the launch of Arena Burgas, future multipurpose indoor arena, planned to be constructed in two years.

Bubka visited the site of the future multisport venue in Burgas, Bulgaria, accompanied by city's Major Dimitr Nikolov and Bulgarian Athletics Federation President Dombromir Karamarinov. Taking part in the groundbreaking ceremony and the formal opening of the project, Bubka said, 'Bulgaria is well known over the world for its outstanding athletes. The names of Stefka Kostadinova, Ivanka Khristova, Khristo Markov, Teresa Marinova, Yordanka Donkova made a great part of the sport's history. I'm delighted to become part of the launching of new venue here in Burgas. It is obvious for me that 'Arena Burgas' will help forward the development and promotion of athletics and other sports in the region'.

The Arena with the capacity of 6500 is planned to be constructed in two years and will become the most up-to-date indoor venue in Bulgaria, the organizers inform. The Commune of Burgas and National Federation declared their intention to bid for the European Indoor Athletics Championships in 2019.

Sergey Bubka wished all the best to the local athletes and citizens saying that the plans for hosting 2019 European Indoor Championships seemed promising and very positive for the future of European athletics. He commented, 'I hope to visit the venue very soon for the major international championships. But above all I'm happy the venue would serve young athletes and amateurs of sport. I'm looking forward for the next generation of great champions saying proudly 'I've made my first steps in sport at the 'Arena Burgas'!

Bubka also visited the city athletics stadium and city hall where he and Mr Karamarinov were presented with the memorial statue of St Nicholas the Wonderworker, patron of Burgas. Speaking to media in the city hall, Bubka said, 'Burgas is known over the globe not only as important port and tourist destination, but as a centre of sport as well. I'm really hopeful that your city will continue to train and bring along new sport talents. I would like to express my gratitude to the Bulgarian Federation, local government and every person who gave his support to this project for the sake of the sport of athletics'.